Samadia Retreat Marrakech - Villa for rent in Marrakech, Morocco

  Private outdoor pool
  Children's pool
  Mountain Views
  Private garden
  Secure parking
  Wi-Fi available
  Satellite TV
About Marrakech

Marrakech is a city in the grip of a feverish imagination - a thousand year old carnival with its
plentiful storytellers and soothsayers, acrobats and water sellers making their way through the
labyrinth of alleyways and past 100’s of minarets. An enchanted place where time has been
suspended, giving you a glimpse of its rich and remote roots, its ancient past still planted firmly and
un-shakenly in the present.

There is also a modern Marrakech, with luxury hotels and streets with impatient mopeds and
guides, all co-existing seamlessly with the past. It is a Berber rather than Arab city; the traditional
capital of Atlas tribes, Mahgrebis from the plains, Saharan nomads and slaves from beyond the
desert. It was founded around 1062 and in 1126 the first circuit of walls were raised from “tabia” -
the red mud of the plains.

Marrakech is completely magical, a mélange of Islamic green against the bare, brown plain of
Haouz with the snowy High Atlas rearing up behind like a tidal wave towering through the haze. The
focus of every approach to the city is the Koutoubia Mosques minaret, Marrakech’s crowning
centrepiece with its 203 feet high tower, the very element of Moslem architecture.

Alternatively, Marrakech is an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding area, so many
people stay for 7 nights or longer and often opt for Samadia outside of the city where it tends to
be a little quieter.

Marrakech is a fascinating city - there is so much to see: palaces, gardens, the Souk! Trips can be
arranged   to the Atlas Mountains,  to the south or to the beautiful coastal town of Essouira, or just 
relax and chill out at Samadia farm and enjoy the gardens by the pool or on the roof terrace  with
a book and some music. You ll be surprised how time slows down and feel rejuvenated , our house
keeper /cook and her staff will look after you beautifully - We can assure you the best Moroccan
home cooking  and BBQs in town. 

If you are thinking of spending your Honeymoon in Morocco and would like your Honeymoon as
your Wedding List, then you have come to the right place! At  Samadia farm. We ll make your
holiday that extra special by adding few surprises!!

Mr Simou (Morocco): 00 212 607 253 600
Or call Deborah (European agent) on:
00 44 7770 393 020